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Gaudí and Dali, Rodin’s “The Kiss” – ok, the ticket is 15 euro, but the students get a discount, latte – make sure you said “macchiato” otherwise you’ll get a glass of milk. H&M sales, cheap alcohol and costly god dammit cigarettes – so, don’t be a fool and buy some packs at home, but hide them properly before the customs. Bologna Process, various cote d’-azurs, gay clubs and lots of homeless people.

Budapest. Three dreamers from the post-soviet states happen to meet under the roof of a tight Hungarian apartment to the sounds of rock’n’roll and classic music. They would hardly become friends at home. But here these three young souls are united by the same language and European dream sharing deep solitude. The solitude bringing love. Ruthless love with no rules and no gender.


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“ahaha” should exist for two reasons:

1. “ahaha” touches on the immigration topic from a different perspective.

2. “ahaha” paints a picture of young people born at the beginning of 90s who grew up into a dreaming generation and happen to be unadapted to live in the 2nd decade of 2000s.

The Belarusian reality provides no supporting funds for filmmakers. Thus, we are hopefully looking for co-production, distribution and the help of the private individuals. To support our project you can click here:

The film will claim to attend major film festivals and world wide theatre release.

ахаха film


ахаха film
ахаха кино фильм 2017
Влада Сенькова

Vlada senkova

Director, Producer, Screenwriter

She was born in 1986 in Vitebsk, Belarus. In 2005 she graduated from the Belarusian State University as a computer linguist. In 2011 she graduated from Film School as a screenwriter and in 2013 – as a filmmaker.

Антон люмо

Anton Lumo

Director of Photography

He was born in 1992 Minsk, Belarus. At present he works in “36 Kadrov production” as a DOP

Гавриленко Максим звукорежиссер

Maxim Gavrilenko

Sound designer

Maxim Gavrilenko was born in 1993 in Mogilev. In 2013 he graduated from Minsk State Polytechniclal College “MSPC”. In 2013 Maxim entered Belarusian State Academy of Arts “Sound engineering” specialization. Maxim has already worked for 9 projects 2 of them are full-length movies.

Марина Мартинчик

Marina Martinchik

Make-up artist

She was born in 1980 Minsk, Belarus. In 1998 she got hairdresser classes and entered “Bahirev Studio” as a stylist and make-up artist in 2007 and graduated from Nastya’s Valitskaya style and Make up School a year later. In 2011 Marina graduated from Master Company “European manufactory of show-business” where she took make-up artist courses. In 2011 she graduated from Minsk Film School with the specialization of “Visual effects, prosthetics make-up”. In 2013 Marina took prosthetics make-up special course by Cezary Kostrzewski. With a great background experience in make-up industry Marina worked as a make-up and prosthetics make-up artist for more than 8 TV series, 7 TV-shows and 8 full-length movies.

Елена Долгих композитор

Elena Dolgih


Elena is an accountant but as she says music is her destiny. She has been learning music since her childhood. “It’s been a 45th anniversary of me and my piano together”. Her first Tango was created for Igor’s Polyakov movie “Tango October” 2009. After that she realized that music for the cinema industry is what she can really do. In 2015 she composed music for the Belarusian full-length feature film “The Count in Oranges” and short film “What’s Belarus?” She keeps working with Vlada Senkova till now.